Welcome to SmartShow UK

Established in 2016, 'SmartShow UK' design and build unique solutions for DMX Lighting and Addressable Pixel LEDs, that can be commanded over Ethernet or WiFi, using ArtNet, E1.31(sACN) and DMX protocols. We have been working closely with some of the major software applications companies to ensure full compatibility.

Our products have been used in many TV shows, advertising, theatres, clubs, dance acts and architectural lighting, the most recent examples have been ITVs 'The Masked Singer', Marks & Spencer window displays, Audi, BMW, Suzuki and LNER rail adverts, DR Who's TARDIS, Miss Selfridge window displays in London's Oxford Street, 'The Voice' in Europe and many other TV shows all over Europe, Australia, North and South America. We also have many Christmas/holiday lighting shows featuring our products.

Our products are innovative, simple to use, and among some of the smallest and most powerful lighting devices available for their cost.

We can supply single or multiple devices for retail or negotiate any special trade requirements, and can ship to most countries in the world. We also offer full customer technical support via email and free firmware updates for all products.

Other services include custom design and bespoke product firmware/artwork variants to suit your needs.

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Ethernet Interfaces

NetDMX (ArtNet/sACN)
DMX output driver (1 universe)
NetBuddy (ArtNet only)
Reversible ArtNet<>DMX driver (1 universe)
NetWS-340 (ArtNet/sACN)
Pixel driver – 2 x 1 Universe Pixel LED driver
NetSERVO (ArtNet/sACN)
Dual Servo driver
NetPixel-QUAD (ArtNet only)
Pixel driver – 4 x 4 Universe (16u) Pixel LED driver
NetPixel-ONE (ArtNet/sACN)
Pixel driver – 8 x 4 Universe (32u) Pixel LED driver

Wireless (WiFi) Interfaces

AirDMX:Out (ArtNet/sACN)
WiFi DMX output driver (1 universe)
AirPixel Mini-II (ArtNet/sACN)
WiFi Pixel driver – 1 (up to 4) Universes
AirPixel-ONE (ArtNet/sACN)
WiFi Pixel driver – 4 Universes
Pixie (ArtNet/sACN unlockable)
WiFi Pixel driver – 16 Universes

SD-Card Pixel Players

REPLAY (ArtNet only)
SDCard/WiFi Pixel Recorder Preview Player, 8192 channels


WSExtend (RJ12)
200m Differential & Isolated Pixel Data Extender kit
MiniExtender (RJ45)
200m Differential Pixel Data Extender kit for Cat5/6
MiniExtender (Screw Term)
200m Differential Pixel Data Extender kit for DMX cable
In-Line Buck convertor to 5V, for use with JST cables