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We design and hand-build unique and low-cost solutions for DMX Lighting and Intelligent PixelLEDs used over USB, Wifi and Ethernet (ArtNet & E1.31(sACN) protocols). Our products are innovative, simple to use and among some of the smallest DMX devices in the world. We can supply single or multiple devices for retail or negotiate trade requirements, and can ship to most countries in the world. We also offer full customer technical support via email and free firmware updates for all products. SmartShow have been working closely with some of the major software applications companies to ensure compatability. We have been designing lighting control systems privately for many years, although SmartShow UK only started trading during the summer of 2016.

Ethernet ArtNet/E1.31 DMX Drivers Pixel LED



Our Wireless ArtNet/E1.31 range

AirPixel Mini has been specifically designed for use with wearable LED technology, with only 12mm thickness and just a few grams in weight, this is the perfect Pixel controller for incorporating into LED costumes, dancewear, and wearable props.

AirPixel Mini+ as above but with integral antenna

AirPixel Micro IP65 has been designed for external seasonal & event lighting, perfect for inclusion into building edges, trees, bushes, pathways and bespoke designs, where wireless data is the only solution.

AirPixel Quad has four outputs, each capable of outputting 4 universes each, this is a good solution for medium sizes matrix panels of up to 2720 Pixels



Our Ethernet ArtNet/E1.31 DMX Drivers

NetDMX is a small ethernet to single universe DMX-out solution

NetBuddy ArtNet->DMX or DMX->ArtNet Inteface

NetTWIN ArtNet to Dual DMX512 output interface


Our Ethernet ArtNet/E1.31 Pixel LED Drivers

NetWS-340 is perfect for small ethernet wired installations where up to 340 RGB Pixel LEDs can be controlled.

NetWS-2040 is a three output, twelve universe RGB pixel LED driver for up to 2040 LEDs


Other DMX Drivers

USB-WS-170 is an OpenEnttec-style (FTDI) USB to SPI & WS2811/12

USB-DMX is an OpenEnttec-style (FTDI) USB to DMX driver

WSExtend is a small two-part device that can be used to extend the length of WS/NRZ data signals up to 200m

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Ethernet ArtNet/E1.31 DMX Drivers Pixel LED

Ethernet ArtNet/E1.31 DMX Drivers Pixel LED