AirPixel Octo


AirPixel-Octo is a Wifi ArtNet/sACN(E1.31) to WS2811/12 (NRZ) Driver interface. It is capable of receiving up to 32 DMX universes of up to 512 channels per universe. The data is then converted into a continuous NRZ data stream that will appear on eight separate outputs, sending 4 universes consecutively on each output. Network connection can be made by utilising a special Access-Point Mode. Device IP, ArtNet/sACN, and pixel settings are adjustable directly from a second browser interface once the Wireless Network Connection has been made. Product Firmware updates can be sent over-the-air, and a serial configuration & diagnostics interface has also been included.

Product Features

  • Small form factor : 32mm (w) x 12mm (h) x 65mm (l, not including cables)
  • Incredibly lightweight : 35 Grams
  • Radio Module : Wireless standard 802.11 b/g/n, Frequency range 2.4-2.5 GHz
  • Miniature external 2.4-2.5GHz dipole antenna included
  • Browser Configuration Server, Serial/USB Configuration manager and UDP Client modes
  • Thirty-two Universe ArtNet II & III, sACN (E1.31) decoding DMX512 data to WS2811/12 in NRZ Format, 25Hz typical
  • 5440 RGB Pixels = 16320 DMX channels - 4096 RGBW Pixels = 16384 DMX Channels
  • Multi-coloured ribbon cable for Pixel Data
  • USB Powered & Firmware Upgradable via wireless network
  • Receives UNICAST, Directed and Limited Broadcast, not E1.31 Multicast
  • Unique 'UniverseManage' that automatically allows combinations of any size of universe to be used together

Parts Supplied
AirPixel-Octo Interface, 1 x USB-MM Cable

Click HERE>> for current Datasheet
Click HERE>> for current Firmware