AirPLAY is a four output Micro SD-Card Pixel Recorder, Remote Player with additional Live data streaming capability. Wifi SSID/Password, IP address, SubNetMask, Net/Sub/Uni and DMX Channel Start values should be written to a WIFI.INI file, along with the selection of pixel animation files. The form-factor of the AirPLAY is small, allowing it easily to be hidden within signage, theatre props, clothing, hats etc. Multiple units can be triggered simultaneously for synchronised playback.
LiveStream Mode : Decodes and plays up to 16 universes of pixel data directly from a Wifi ArtNet source Record Mode : File selectable for recording live WiFi/ArtNet pixel data streams (up to 16 universes) RemotePlay Mode : Above files selectable for playback via WiFi/ArtNet DMX channels, includes brightness WebBrowser control for mode and file selection from Mobile device or Tablet

Product Features

  • Small form factor : Length 100mm (including connector), Width 50mm, Height 20mm
  • Drives up to 2720 RGB or 2048 RGBW Pixels split across the four outputs, typically 8192 DMX channels in total
  • Radio Module : Wireless standard 802.11 b/g/n, Frequency range 2.4-2.5 GHz
  • WiFi credentials and full device set up via WIFI.INI file on SDCard
  • Store/playback up to 100 pixel animation files
  • File size example: One file of 40 hours non-repeating playback of 16uni @ 25FPS is 32GB
  • MicroSD, MicroSDHC cards accepted, and allows firmware updating via SDCard
  • Receives ArtNet UNICAST, Not recommended for receiving ArtNet Broadcast
  • Power Input : 5-24V external power applied across PWR & GND connections of the rear connector
  • Recommended Pixel Applications : Madrix, Resolume, MadMapper, ELM, Jinx, XLights
  • This product is NOT RDM enabled


Parts Supplied

  • AirPLAY Pixel Driver
  • 7-way plug-in connector
  • 1 x 3dBi Jointed/Swivel Antenna User Guide


Click here for the AirPLAY PDF User Guide.

Click here for the 'DataLossInWirelessNetworks' PDF Guide.