Mini Extender is a simple wired transmitter and receive module pair that will enable you to extend serial data (<1mbps). This is especially useful when using single-data-line Pixel LEDs. The transmitter module will convert the data from single-ended to differential data to be sent down a standard Ethernet cable, or twisted pair and ground. The receiver module converts the data back from differential to single-ended data. This gives the advantage of being able to use very long cable runs (<200m) between transmitter and receiver pairs. Mini Extender can be powered from voltages of 5v or 7-12v, both ends need to be powered for the system to work.

Mini Extender comes in two varieties, RJ45 and Screw terminal : The RJ45 version is useful if you want to use this with standard Cat5/6 cable, the screw terminal version is useful is your long data run is in twisted-pair and ground

Product Features

  • Transmitter 'data in' screw connections : 5V-12V input. Outbound data (<1mbps).
  • Transmitter inter-connection : Outbound data+/– and ground connections
  • Receiver inter-connection : Inbound data+/- and ground connections
  • Receiver 'data out' screw connections : 5V-12V input. Inbound data (<1mbps)
  • Both Transmitter and Receiver - Length : 41mm – Width : 18mm – Height : 18mm


Parts Supplied

  • 1 x Mini Extender transmitter
  • 1 x Mini Extender Receiver
  • User Guide


Click here for the MiniExtender PDF User Guide.