NetBuddy is dual purpose device, it can be an ArtNet-to-DMX interface, or it can reverse the data direction and become a DMX-to-ArtNet interface. In ArtNet-to-DMX mode, it is capable of creating a single universe differential DMX output from Art-Net over a wired Ethernet network. In DMX-to-ArtNet mode it can take an existing differential DMX universe and send it out as Art-Net data to a selected IP address (or broadcast). In either mode Device IP and Universe settings are adjustable directly from your Browser interface. Additionally, in DMX-to-ArtNet mode, a Target IP Address is settable. A single 3-pin DMX output connector is provided to connect directly to your target DMX system, and a DMX gender reverser is supplied when the DMX is required to be an input. A simple USB/serial configuration interface has also been included.

Product Features

  • Small form factor : 24mm x 24mm x 68mm (not including cable)
  • Isolated RJ45 Ethernet Connection
  • IEEE 802.3 compatible Ethernet Controller, Integrated MAC and 10BASE-T
  • Browser Configuration Server, Serial/USB Configuration manager and UDP Client modes
  • Single Universe Art-Net II & III decoding DMX512 data, outputting @ 40fps typical
  • Single Universe DMX512 encoding to ArtNet II & III, outputting @ 40fps typical
  • 3-pin XLR output (5-pin XLR can be supplied on request)
  • USB Powered & Firmware Upgradable via USB
  • This product is NOT POE or RDM enabled
  • Receives UNICAST, Not recommended for receiving ArtNet Broadcast


Parts Supplied

  • NetBuddy Interface
  • 1m USB-MiniUSB cable (for power, configuration & firmware upload)
  • 1m Ethernet Cable
  • XLR Gender reverser
  • User Guide


Click here for the NetBuddy PDF User Guide