Drive up to 170 WS2811/12/12b RGB NRZ-type, and/or 170 WS2801/03 RGB SPI-type Pixel-LEDs directly from your PC's USB port using the SmartShow USB-WS-170. This is perfect for testing small strips of Pixel-LEDs in the workshop or as part of a pixel-strip/matrix installation or mobile DJ lightshow. Easily mountable using the supplied clip.

Product Features

  • USB1.1 & USB2.0 compliant.
  • Drivers available for Win98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/9/10
  • FTDI-FT232RL USB to serial driver, masquerading as an 'openEnttec' device
  • DMX-RDM not supported.

Parts Supplied
USB-WS-170, USBA-USBMini cable, 3-Pin & 4-pin JST Plug/Cable, Mounting Clip

Click USB-WS-170>> for current Datasheet
Click HERE>> for current Firmware