WSExtend is a simple wired transmitter and receive module pair that will enable you to extend the Data wire of your single-wire-data Pixel LEDs. The transmitter module will isolate the power supply ground, and convert the data from single-ended to differential data. This gives the advantage of being able to use very long 'intermediate' cables between transmitter and receiver pairs. The WSExtend uses an off-the shelf RJ12 to RJ12 connection, similar to well known ADSL cables.

Product Features

  • Transmitter input (Screw connection) : 5V input only, any data up to a bitrate of 1Mbps
  • Transmitter output (RJ12) : Differential and isolated, data +, data – and ground connections
  • Receiver input (RJ12) : Differential
  • Receiver output (Screw connection) : Data at up to 1Mbps, receiver must be power by 5V at the screw terminals
  • Transmitter Size : Length 80mm, Width : 18mm, Height : 18mm
  • Receiver Size : Length 40mm, Width : 18mm, Height : 18mm


Parts Supplied

  • WSExtend transmitter + 3 pin WS Female
  • WSExtend Receiver + 3 pin WS Male
  • User Guide


Click here for the WSExtend PDF User Guide