SMARTSHOW Pro-One Features

Your ultimate LED Pixel control solution

Just look at these features…


  • Integrated/isolated 10/100 Ethernet network switch
  • Can receive up to 32 Art-Net II/III/IV Unicast Universes (16,384 channels)
  • Can receive up to 28 Streaming ACN (sACN/E1.31) Unicast Universes (14,336 channels)
  • Easy daisy-chaining of multiple Pro-ONEs on one ethernet network
  • ArtSync-ready for a fully synchronised display

Output Ports

  • 8 Pixel Output Ports (non-powered)
  • Individual ports are capable of driving pixel data up to 100m using standard twin cable (ground and data)
  • Each Port can output up to 1020 RGB Pixels, or 768 RGBW Pixels
  • Each Port can be individually customised within the webUI for Port Name, Pixel-Type, Colour-Order, Null, Pixels, Grouping, and Brightness
  • All Ports together can be reconfigured to give 4 Hardline DMX outputs (not RDM)

Supported Pixel Types

  • One-Wire Pixels: GS8208, SK6812GRB, SK6812GRBW, UCS2903, UCS2904, WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B, WS2813, WS2815
  • Two-Wire Pixels: APA102, HD107S, NS107, SK9822, WS2801


  • Individual port activity indicators to assist with troubleshooting
  • Clear single-digit Status/IP display
  • All indicator LEDs can be dimmed or switched off entirely for use in zero-light pollution zones

User Interface

  • 4/5 way navigation control to set IP, access configuration mode, pixel test, display flip, reboot or factory reset
  • User Guide is embedded into firmware and accessed directly from webUI, so you can never lose it
  • Clear and simple-to-use WebUI page for complete control over device configuration and testing

Connectors & Power

  • Removable screw-terminal power input and pixel data output connectors
  • Power: 5-24V DC input supply via pluggable screw terminals (or 5V via USB)
  • USB interface for firmware uploads (or separate USB powering if required)
  • Overcurrent and reverse power protection
  • Pixel Data: 2 x 5-way pluggable screw terminals


  • Desktop, Panel screw-mount or DIN rail mounting options (fitting kit included)

Other Specifications

  • Product (inc connectors): 140mm length, 80mm wide, 30mm high, Weight 250g
  • Retail Packaging & Accessories: 175mm length, 125mm width, 50mm high, Weight 440g

Product Compliance

Product Compliance information

This device conforms to the following standards:

  • Conducted Emissions: DIN EN 55015 Annex J (CISPR 15) & ICES-003, part 4 (Class A Digital Device Limits)
  • Radiated Emissions: DIN EN 55015 Annex D (CISPR 15) & ICES-003, part 5 (Class A Digital Device limits)
  • Electrostatic discharge: EN61000-4-2
  • General Product Safety Regulations 2005 (GPSR)
  • RoHS 2011/65/EU

Product Documents

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