A Short History of SmartShow

In 2015, the Facebook group “DIY DMX & Pixel Lighting” was started by myself Bob Lynas. This was used primarily to show lighting ideas and designs and share thoughts with other users, at that time, we had no idea what huge opportunities this would open up for us…

‘SmartShow UK’ (manufacturing) was established in 2016 as a sole trader business run by myself. We initially designed and built unique data interfaces for DMX Lighting and Addressable Pixel LEDs.
We advanced into more professional protocols like Art-Net and sACN(E1.31) that transfer data across Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks. We also assisted in bespoke software lighting solutions also.

We have created some ‘household’ names in the lighting industry, such as “NetDMX”, “NetPixel”, and “AirPixel”.

Over the years, our products have been used in many TV shows, advertising, theatres, nightclubs, dance acts and architectural lighting. Some examples are ITV’s ‘The Masked Singer’, Britain’s got Talent act ‘Matricks Illusion’, Chill-out zones at Spotify’s Milan headquarters, Audi, BMW, Suzuki and LNER rail adverts, DR Who’s TARDIS, Oxford Street window display, ‘The Voice’ in Europe and many other TV shows all over Europe, Australia, North and South America. We also have many Christmas/holiday lighting shows featuring our products worldwide.

Our products are always innovative, simple to use, and among some of the smallest and most powerful lighting data devices available for their cost.

Back in 2018, after seeing some of my project work on the Facebook DIY DMX group, I was contacted by a US company RatPac Controls (ratpacontrols.com), who were very interested in getting to know more about what I did. They offered me the opportunity to remotely develop and write embedded software alongside their team in California for lighting data control equipment for the USA movie and TV industry. This relationship (and further products) has flourished over the years.

In 2019, we formed SmartShow UK Ltd; our design and embedded software contracting company, which we used solely for our overseas development work.

Since 2020 we have been working with RuPixels (RuPixels.com) in California to assist with software and developing their fantastic ACF16 Pixel LED product range for the USA TV and Movie market.

Since 2022 we have been working with JAGO (jagoteq.com) in Burbank California to help develop their LF120 Laser Fibre controller for the Movie, TV, live event, architectural and theme park markets.

We now find ourselves in a position where the products we have helped design and write software for are used in many major movie studios in Hollywood and North America and find ourselves in an extremely fortunate position, having met gaffers and lighting programmers from the Star Wars franchise, Marvel Studios, and many more.

In April 2023, SmartShow UK Ltd acquired SmartShow UK (our original manufacturing business), and as a result, we simplified our product range right down to one high-end product: The SmartShow Pro-ONE !

In 2023, we were very proud to have been nominated for the PLASA-LSI Gottelier Award, which celebrates the achievements of pioneering product developers. Unfortunately, we did not win this year but have high hopes for this award in the future.

We have met some amazing people on our incredible Journey, and we would like to thank all our clients old and new for being a part of that.

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