RatPac Controls

Website: https://ratpaccontrols.com



This was our first major project contracting for RatPac.
We were one of the initial design engineers for Unity, responsible for creating early specifications, product flows, and brief schematics for handover to PCB and Engineering design. We then developed a rugged embedded software platform for local user interface, Ethernet user interface, Ethernet data, DMX data, CRMX wireless data and IO control (but not dimmer control).

Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mbeewl-COAM

RatPac DataSphere


This was our second project with RatPac, which kept us very busy during the months of the Covid lockdown. We developed the DataSphere from the Unity base code, simplifying functions and features and removing the AC Control to create a smaller lightweight product.

RatPac Cintenna2


We added USB firmware updating to the existing product and a few additional CRMX Wireless features.

RatPac PDBLink


This was our third major RatPac project. We were one of the initial design engineers designing PDBLink from the ground up. We developed the software platform for the local user interface, Ethernet user interface & data, DMX data and IO control.



RuPixels ACF16



We Joined the ACF16 project during an early phase of the product design and developed the local user interface, adding a webGUI, USB pixel recording, DMX Profiles and CRMX Wireless control.



We joined the JAGO team towards the end of 2022 to assist them in designing their LF120 Laser Fibre controller product; developing Dual UI displays, DMX & Ethernet control, laser voltage control, and safety elements. The LF120 will be used primarily in motion pictures, broadcasts, live events, architectural, theme parks and other permanent and portable installations.