Pro-ONE Firmware Update Information

To update the firmware on your Pro-ONE, please download and unzip the firmware update zip file.

  • IMPORTANT: Please ensure you plug the Pro-ONE directly into your PC/Laptop using a quality USB-A to USB-Mini cable (do not use a USB Hub)
  • You can run the updater by first plugging the Pro-ONE in via USB to a Windows machine, then double-clicking the “Pro-ONE_vx.xx FIRMWARE.bat” file.
  • Then type in the suggested ‘com port’ and press ENTER.
  • The firmware should automatically upload and reboot the Pro-ONE once complete.
  • You can check the update is successful by accessing the WebUI and seeing the firmware version written at the bottom of the page.

Download the latest firmware Pro-ONE_v1.03 here.

Release Notes:
1.03 (23/11/23) Fixed bug where Universe Size 9 could not be set. Fixed a bug where selecting 32U mode would keep rebooting the device.
1.02 (11/11/23) Fixed issue where Pixel Count could be set to zero, the minimum is one 1.01 (08/11/23) Fixed bug where WS28xx lowest brightness level would produce flickers.

Download older firmware versions

If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at or use our contact page.

Archived User Guides

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